Chinese medicine decoction piece intelligent small packaging machine type 928


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VPA-928A full intelligent high speed small packaging machine

Machine configuration:

14 multi-head weighing, dust-proof soundproof cover, industrial control computer, vibration cutting device, packaging mechanism, bag-making device, even-packing device, discharge conveyor belt, automatic feeding hoist (except iron filings, sediment function)


Thermal transfer intelligent coding machine, bag making function, weeding function, vacuum nitrogen filling device, static elimination device, remote service platform material packaging process:

1. Manually pour the material into the hopper hopper, vibrate and blank, (with iron scraping and sediment filtration)

2. The lifting bucket automatically brings the material to the top of the multi-head scale, and the electric eye automatically feeds when the material is insufficient.

3. Multi-head weighing automatic weighing, combining required weight, cutting

4. The multi-head weighing device below automatically rejects the unqualified weight and collects

5. The material is quickly dropped into the barrel of the bag-forming device through the material-dispensing device, and is dropped into the sealed bag.

6. Seal and cut the wrapped material

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