Chinese medicine decoction piece full intelligent 5-40 kg large dose weighing packaging


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5-40 kg full intelligent large dose weighing packaging line

It is suitable for the packaging of irregular materials and large bag packaging materials (5-40 kg) which are easy to separate and slip in the pharmaceutical, food and other industries, such as the high-dose packaging of Chinese medicine decoction roots, pharmaceutical raw materials, pesticides and fertilizers, food raw materials and other materials. The packaging line is composed of a feeding guide device, an automatic weighing and filling device, a sewing device, a rear conveying device, a palletizing device, and a computer control system.

Rear packaging robot full intelligent line

Process: (all intelligent weighing packaging) - (all smart boxing machine) - (robot boxing) - (sealing machine) - (bundling machine) - (robot palletizing)

Fully automatic weighing packaging palletizing line technical features

Through the intelligent program control, the whole production line working process can be automatically controlled, which can realize continuous operation, with fault alarm, display and automatic chain stop function. It can also be equipped with communication interface according to user needs, real-time monitoring and remote diagnosis of automatic packaging robot automatic line. Network management.

Fully automatic weighing packaging palletizing line technical features

The automatic weighing packaging and packing system is suitable for automatic packaging of plastics; the products are widely used in the weighing packaging of solid products such as granules, powders and tablets in various industries such as medicine, health industry, chemical industry, fertilizer, food and feed. Packing and palletizing.


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